Monday, June 14, 2010


Mom said I seem different. She says that I have changed. She knows me best.

I feel lost and do not feel like I fit into the world that I once belonged. I walk around in a cloud with no specific purpose.

Being on the road is so blissful. It is magical to be living a dream and getting through the wet roads and steep hills that make the challenge a reality.

This is where the confusion and the questions start.

How do I bring that magic into my every day? I have everything at my disposal and I now know that anything is possible. There is nothing holding me back but my own responsibilities.

My bike has yet to arrive. I anticipate it being delivered and ready to ride on Wednesday. I want it back now! My brain is already working on a new commuter route so I can get back to pedaling soon. I am even asking around at the local races. Really, I just rode 1300 miles and I cannot wait to ride more.


  1. Just keep pedaling; works for me! xxo

  2. And know that your ride blog is missed...not only was it very interesting every day it was almost always the first...Hope your bike is back and ready for the weekend.