Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 15: 85 miles to St. Josephs, MO

Growing up, my father would wake me on the weekends saying, “Don’t waste sunshine”. Those words have stuck with me, even now. The morning sun is so still and calm. It reminds me that we have a new day to write whatever we want on that day.

As we rode out of town, we crossed Kansas Street over a bridge. This was taken at about 7:15 this morning.

Distance: 86.45
Total elevation: 2218
Calories: 4061
Average speed: 11.7
Time on bike: 7:07

Today we crossed our sixth State Line Crossing. It was nice to be able to blink and not have stars floating around my head. Sleep and food did me good and I felt back to my old self.

Riding into town, I saw a water moccasin crossing a small pond. Shortly after that, there was another sitting on the side of the road. I pedaled my little heart out until the creepy feeling went away and the hairs on my neck went down.

Lesson for the day: keep your mouth shut or spit will fly out and bugs will fly in.


  1. It sounds like you are hitting your stride. Strong work!

  2. Experience has taught me your lesson of the day - but I like your poetic way of expressing it. Enjoy Maysville tomorrow - with your calorie count today you can certainly go back for seconds....

  3. Stay tuned to what your body is saying. Love the pic as you're crossing the bridge.