Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boston XC10

The XC10 group is fast approaching Boston. I am elated at their success. Each of you is spectacular in my book. We are among the few that ever attempt the challenge of riding across America. XC09 and XC10, remember me this time next year. I will be standing where you stand.

Last year I remember being miserably sad to not be on my bike. This year I am happy that I was able to ride 1300 miles across America and now more than ever, I want to send Tracy my deposit for next year because there is no doubt in my mind that I will be on my way to Boston next year, June 8th. My family is already making plans to meet in Boston next year.

My life has once again caught me off guard. Riding hundreds of miles, with lots of time to meditate, helped prepare me for the change in life cycle and taking care of my parents. Between my sister and me, we are tag teaming each other to spend the days with my folks. I am thankful that their home is in a location that makes it easy to hop on my bike to get miles in.

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