Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 4: 77.1 miles to Marshalltown

Tensions are high in the trailer and if someone does not take a chill pill, I am going to start throwing the “F” Bomb.  I am totally exhausted, my legs hurt, and I do not have enough sleep. 

There were some issues with the trailer and we moved location at 6:30 PM last night.  It moved us away from bathrooms, showers, and food.  We went from everything being walking distance to riding our bikes to get what we needed. Barbie was not a happy camper.

Yesterday evening, I suffered from a stomach bug and depleted my fuel tank; if you know what I mean.  Between that and exhaustion, I am totally pooped.  The wind was there, but not so bad.  The last 20 miles were ribbon hills. Do not ask me how many hills.  I spent more time cursing the hills and not counting them.

Would someone please call ahead to Cedar Rapids and flatten out all the roads, I would be eternally grateful.  Not that I am complaining or anything, but could I borrow a fresh set of legs? Or if someone could massage my legs, I would really like that.

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