Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 7: 69.4 miles to Clinton

It is a travel day so the day was cut short and only rode 37 miles to the meet up town.  We still have to make our way to the shuttle and an hour drive to the airport.  I will arrive in San Antonio at this evening.  I will not be disappointed if the welcoming committee shows up with a marching band and cheerleaders.  Cowbells and horns are invited to bring me home.  It is the usual welcome for RAGBRI in every town and I have become accustomed to it.

The ride was short and sweet, with a few hills.  The usual crowd was on the road.  I did experience an Iowa bathroom (a walk in the corn stocks) but did not get to the slip and slide.  Yesterday I did enjoy a few beers on the route, to take in the spirit of RAGBRI. Anyone can ride a bike sober. 

As time allows, with a better internet connection, I will post more along with some additional thoughts and comments.

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