Monday, July 16, 2012

Dad’s Church Wedding

Let me introduce you to my new family, from left to right, top row: Alexis (my niece), Me, Lisa (new sister), Angela (sister), Lydia’s matron of honor, Lydia, Dad, Ruben (Dad’s best man), Sergio (new twin brother, Bob (Lisa’s husband), Michael (my nephew), Mando (new twin brother. Bottom row: Kristiana (my niece), Joseph (Ricky’s youngest son), Jonathon (Ricky’s oldest son).

Dad’s wedding came with only a few minor bumps. In the end, everything turned out unbelievably wonderful. Two hundred of our closest family and friends turned up for the grand event. It was very emotional and bitter sweet. There is a part of me that wants my mom to be here and share the event; but also happy that my dad has found love and that he is happy.

Lydia insisted in doing everything herself. Which really meant that her best friends and daughters would do everything. I have had my fill of black and white ribbons, bows, flowers and dresses; and will be quite content not participating in anything of this magnitude- in a very long time. After all the pomp, I danced the night away and enjoyed the day.

It is written that parents find joy when their children find love. In my family, the children have found joy because our parents found love.

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