Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 3: 81.2 miles to Webster City

The day started with a somber note with a bike rider being hit by a car. I did not witness the accident and do not know the specifics, but it is always a reminder to me to be alert and stay on my A-game.

Day three is the official RAGBRI jersey day. I am not sure why they would make a black jersey for one of the longest rides of the week. It is customary for first time riders to write “virgin” on their calf and I did not want to disappoint.

There is an optional 20 mile loop to make the ride a century day but after the wind picked up, I opted for just the 80 miles. The first 50 miles were easy and I averaged 18 MPH. Then the wind hit my face and slowed me down. The last 30 miles were a brutal fight with the wind. Any day on the bike is better than being at work.

Tonight we are staying on a fair ground. After wondering around, I found a water hose used to rinse the animals after show. I have been reduced to showering with the dogs. Sometime this evening, I will pay $6 for a real shower.

It is always fun to take inventory of my food consumption, from yesterday:

·    2 packets of oatmeal

·    banana

·    2 payday

·    peanut butter and jelly

·    6 beef jerky sticks

·    a bowl of chips and salsa

·    3 pickles

·    pasta buffet for lunch

·    pasta buffet for dinner

·    1/3 of a ½ gallon of chocolate milk

Somewhere along the route I rode with Alec (XC09) and we are planning a mini reunion on Thursday with Champ. I love being in the few that have ridden their bikes across America.

The welcome home was the best I have ever experienced. The entire town sat on the main street and said welcome as we rode in. It made the ride amazing.
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I left something off on my prayer. Dear Baby Jesus, would you talk to The Big Guy and ask him to turn the fan so the wind is on my back. If it is not too much trouble, would you ensure that we have sun and not rain. An overcast sky would be nice.

Excuse me let me take this call. My driver is calling me.

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