Friday, July 20, 2012

Travel Day

Travel days are always exhausting.  Little sleep the night before and I woke at 430 AM to load myself in airplane, to send myself off to Omaha.  In Omaha, I meet the gang where we still have another three hour drive to get to the start of the ride.

I definitely feel like I will be traveling in the life of luxury.  The trailer is twenty seven feet long and I have my own bed, or rather, a bunk bed. This trip I will not be sleeping on a cot but in my Egyptian silk sheets and goose down pillow.  Whoever would have thought I would say I was living a luxurious life by staying a trailer for a week.  There is a bed, bathroom, and A/C.  Much better than the thousands of others tent camping. 

The shower will not be the freezing Colorado River, but a bathing suite and a water hose.  Standing outside is better than waiting an hour and half to pay $5 for a shower.  It is said that 8,500 official riders are signed up for RAGBRI and another 10,000 hop in on along the way.

The gang are two guys, twenty years my senior, Tim and Keith; and two guys, twenty years my junior, Aari and Rama.  The two young bucks have Jesus beards and are wearing animal print pants that our outta control. Let’s just say I was thrilled beyond belief when Kara announced she would be riding.  Yippy, I have another girl to hang out with.

There is the usual sense of nervousness and anxiety; where will I go to the bathroom, where will I shower.  But all that stuff usually works itself out and enjoying the ride take precedent.  They say that RAGBRI is a moving party, lots of beer and lots of music- every night.  I have never ridden my bike drunk or ridden hung over. As the saying goes, there is a first time for everything.

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  1. Good luck. From what I have read about RAGBRAI you should be gaining a few pounds.