Friday, March 19, 2010

Tan Lines

It is hard to not be a girl. But let’s face it that is the way God made me. Be that what it may, as a girl, I worry about tan lines from bike jerseys and biker shorts.

I go through phases of changing out jerseys to strappy jerseys. The tan line from sleeveless jerseys is an eye sore in a bathing suite more so than the line from a short sleeve jersey. I don’t know why I fuss over this but I look funny sitting on the beach, in a bathing suite, with biker short tan lines and jersey tan lines. That is a fashion NO.

Fashion goes out the window when bike riding. Seriously, how “cool” can you look in spandex shorts. Limited luggage only allows for two changes of cloths to wear in the evening. It is encouraged not to pack blue jeans or cloths with too many buttons or zippers. That just makes the cloths heavier.

And for shoes… I get to take my cycling cleats, flip flop and tennis shoes. Three pair of shoes to wear over twenty-one days. That has to be a crime. Some place. Some where. What’s a girl to do?

For twenty-one days, the girl in me is contained. My make-up is limited. Most of the time I was too tired to apply make-up or when I did it would wash off after a few hours of riding. Applying makeup is more of a bother.

On the rest days, I would walk to the nearest store and purchase products to give myself a facial, pedicure, and nail polish change. After so many days of hiding the girl in me, she likes to come out once in a while.

Sure, I try to be tough but I do not want to break a nail doing it.

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  1. Sweetheart, you look GOOD in spandex and you sure don't need any makeup to be pretty. BTW, I think the biker's tan is sexy (on some people).