Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bike Maintenance

The past couple weeks I have had some bike down time because of life. A work project, doctor’s orders, and continuing educations classes have filled my evening and weekends.

This was a perfect opportunity to have my bike worked on. The cassette was changed out for the trip and I had the extra cassette placed on a spare wheel so I can change out my trainer wheel and rode tires out more easily. The brake cables and gear cables were changed out for good measure.

The guys at the shop are awesome. I love walking in the shop and seeing my bike hanging in the front versus being stored in the back. It sparkles as I walk up. Seriously, I think the handle bars started waving back and forth so the mirrors would twinkle in the light.

The shop feels almost like a second home. I go straight behind the counter to give my bike a glance. There are so many components, wires and gears that I learn something new about my bike with every shop visit.

Since I still struggle with changing out my bike tire, I began practicing with the training tire and start cleaning the parts of the frame that I previously missed. The cleaner my bike is the dirtier it begins to look.

It was at this time a customer began asking me about bike racks.

Oh, sorry sir, I don’t work here.

Yea, it may look like I belong because I am talking smack with the employees, my hands are covered in dirt and, after all, I am working on a bike. I should have answered his questions. I know where the racks are but I did not want to steer him in the wrong direction.

Now that my bike is all fixed up I hope to actually get on my bike to ensure its shifting smoothly.

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  1. If you do any more bike repair, they'll start calling you, "wrench." Not to be confused with, "wench!" ;-)