Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Project

With my bike sitting in the kitchen, my house has seemed to be getting smaller. I live in a three bedroom home where one of the bedrooms is a closet. I don’t have a spare bedroom or extra space for my bike but I have a closet with lots of cloths and shoes.

In an attempt to make more room, I hired a contractor to build on to my house and add a real closet to my bedroom. It is a big room, nine and a half by ten and a half, for my cloths and shoes.

Once I pull my cloths out of the bedroom, I will have space for my bike, a yoga mat, and even some room for a bed. Finally, I will have a dedicated area to relaxing and meditating. Not to mention, it is going to be great having a room just for my bike. It will be another week before it is complete but we are moving right along.

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