Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 AM Training

When I tell people I am riding my bike across America, some do not have a comment or cannot formulate a question in response. I have grown used to the “how is that possible” look in peoples faces and the blank stares.

Poor R, he gets to hear about my trip everyday, all day. The trip is all I think and speak about. Lucky for me, he is very supportive. Actually, I believe he is looking forward to the twenty-one days that he will be free without me around.

My world has shifted to revolve around waking at 5AM for training and weekend rides. I really enjoy this time before the world wakes up. It is so refreshing to think that I have done so much before most people have wakened. Some days it is hard to get to bed early because of “life” but I find my self having sleepless nights excited about being on my bike.

A question that I have been asked is, “Does trainer riding really help”?

With a big emphatic YES!

At first, I was not sure. Saturdays ride proved it to be true. My legs felt good and strong enough to get me through the hills. My bottom adjusted to the seat very easily. My shoulders and hands knew the handle bars.

The next two months are going to fly by. My calendar is already booked with weekend bike rides. Nothing is blocking my dreams from coming true.

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