Friday, March 12, 2010

9 Weeks Of Training

The days are creeping up on me and I have about two months of training before “the big trip”.

Since January 4th, I have been dedicated to riding at least three times a week on a trainer or spin class. When the weather was good, I rode one day on the weekend. With nine weekends left of training, I have to start picking up the miles and getting long rides in, no matter the weather.

Lucky for me, I have Grant to keep me on target and we have committed to 40 miles this Saturday, 50 miles next week, and then 60 miles the next weekend after that for an organized ride around LBJ park.

It would be nice to get Grant to travel with me since we ride at the same pace and we are getting used to riding with each other. But, I know that I will find a new group with crossroads riders to ride with or even enjoy the serenity of riding on my own.

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