Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Bunnies

The Culebra Meat Market is one of R’s favorite taco places. After church on Sunday, we sit at the stand while our tacos are made in front of us. I happily drink my coffee and eat my sweat bread as R drools over the exotic meat delicacies.

A big order came in before ours so we had to wait an unusually long time for our food. I had plenty of time to examine the meat and all of the specialty food that is offered.

It was posted in plain sight: Rabbit, $2.99 a pound.

Who would dare eat The Velveteen Rabbit, Little Bunny Fu Fu, or even The Easter Bunny? I have never thought to eat rabbit meat. I do not even know how to cook rabbit or know of a dish that contains rabbit meat. But, I guess people do it- people eat rabbit. I don’t and don’t plan on trying it any time soon.


  1. Tastes like chicken! It really does. :-)

  2. And i can second Jim's comment. It is really very common in Europe - maybe they don't have an Easter bunny.