Saturday, March 27, 2010

LBJ, 2010

Check out my new handlebar bag. It fits everything and my spare tire.

Distance: 66.5
Calories: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Average Speed: Unknown
Total Ascent: 2900

I have a reoccurring dream where I show up late for a ride in my pajamas. Today, this dream almost came true.

By accident, I set my alarm clock for PM instead of AM and I woke up at 6:07 AM. Luckily, I had laid out my cloths and loaded my bike the night before so I made in time to meet Grant at 6:30 AM. The only thing I misplaced was my Garmin, thus the lack of stats.

LBJ is a GREAT ride. The ranch is gorgeous and the ride is so well organized. Minus the two out and back roads and the small signs directing the routes, by far, this is one of my favorite rides. The scenery is spectacular hosted by the “White House of Texas” where LBJ was the 37th president.

Grant keeps me pedaling. When I can not pedal, he emotionally and physically pushes me. Being that he is very competitive, he often pushed me past a few riders.

Grant whispers, “I bet we can catch him”. I say, “Let’s do it. Guys especially like it when girls pass them.”

At the top of the hill I stop for some blue bonnet pictures. Grant says, “All those people we just passed, well they are passing us now”. It is all good. I finally got pictures surrounded by bluebonnets.

At mile 20, or so, my gears decided to stay in the same gear. Mile 24, or so, I stop and have them adjusted and my chain lubed. Thirty minutes later we were back on the rode. Mile forty-two through fifty-five, we have head wind and hills.

Sausage at the end keeps me pedaling.

Today I ate:
Egg, cheese, sausage McMuffin
Gel power bar
Honey bar
Granola bar
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich times two
Sausage link in a hot dog bun
Potato salad
Third pound burger
Onion rings

I am still hungry.


  1. What, no large chocolate milk shake?


  2. And yes, chocolate milk! Or at least the rest of what Robert left me in the fridge. (He only left me about 1/3 of the container.)