Monday, November 16, 2009


Saturday’s ride brought out the usual Sunday ride crowd. Most rode the 55 miles out to New Braunfels but four of us cut the ride short. Robert is doing much better with the rides and seems to be enjoying the rides more. Or it could be that I don’t give him must rest time and keep him moving to prevent any time for complaining.

Oatmeal is my normal fuel before the ride. For low miles, I normally don’t need additional fuel, but I always carry a back up, just in case. Today, it was a Payday candy bar. Maybe I should give them up so I could loose the layer of fat over my belly, but yummy, they are so good. Peanuts, that nutritious, right?

Distance: 28
Calories: 1304
Time: 1:47
Average: 13.7
Total ascent: 1174


  1. And I second that...Paydays are what got me through the first 2500 miles - love 'em.

  2. So, is Robert going to join you on your next leg of your trans-con?