Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hopefully, your Monday was better than mine. For the past 10 years, my car has been nicely tucked in the garage every night. I can count the days that my car has been outside the garage. The time I moved and the time my kitchen was tiled. Both times, my garage was too crowded with stuff to park my car.

Except Sunday night. I am trying to get out of my mundane habits and not worry about little things and this was an attempt. After unloaded boxes of Christmas things and loading up my bike, I didn’t want to mess with moving Roberts’s car, moving my car, then moving Roberts’s car back. Robert is sick (hopefully not with the flu). I was exhausted. It was late, so I left the cars.

During the night, I remember it raining. The news said we had .10 inches of rain. When leaving for work I noticed my cup holder was filled with an inch of water. There was that moment when I was thinking, “What the heck, how did this water get in here. How did I spill this water and why didn’t I clean it up.”

Yup, I left my sunroof open all night. Normally, I don’t worry about the windows or the sunroof because my car is ALWAYS in the garage.

My seat is still wet, my carpet is soaked, and the tire pressure indicator light is flashing on the dash. At least the engine still turns over. Things like this happen and it makes me revert to the habitual person that I am.

Answers to comments:
Bob: The second leg is only to Champaign. Wish I could go all the way, but 21 days away from my home is pushing it.
Jim: No, Robert will not be joining me on my second leg. He still can not wrap his head around my desire to ride my bike across America much less do the ride himself.
You guys are the best! I love that you’re still out there following me and keeping in touch. Rich from ABQ will be here on Friday. Can not wait to visit and catch up.

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