Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching. This year I started early and have my Christmas boxes down from the attic. It took some time but I am slowly getting the spirit back.

It has been almost six years since my divorce and I remember the days of franticly cleaning the house, baking, cooking, and then cleaning again once everyone left. Nervous about my first turkey, I did the inevitable. Yes, I left the gizzards in. Thankfully, no one noticed and I pulled the bag out before serving.

The first year after my divorce, it was super hard. My house was empty. There was no rush of family, no one to bake for and no one to see my house decorated. Easily enough, I didn’t decorate. Having to bake for dinner at my parent house, I started at eight thirty in the morning with the pies along with a glass a wine. One of my girls, also recently divorced, joined me for a steak lunch. Anything to get our mind off the holiday. We drank another bottle of wine.

A month ago, my first Santa clause made its way up on the buffet. My Santa clause collection is growing exponentially from year to year and its fun finding new places for each one of them. The garland that I used to delicately wrap around the banister will be pulled from its box of a home and place around my living room, bed room and office.

The holiday spirit has come over me. I am engulfed with joy as I celebrate another year with my mom. Everyone should know that you don’t need a tragedy to live your life with the greatest gratitude.

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