Wednesday, November 4, 2009


OMGUAD! OMGUAD! OMGUAD! I am so super excited! My manager approved my 21 day vacation. One barrier is down and all is lining up for the next leg of my across America trip. All I am waiting for is the clear from my Mom. Even now, I still get permission from my mom to go on vacation. It is not just permission, but it is to ensure her health is holding.

This is crazy. The trip is 7 months away but I feel like the ride starts tomorrow. To add to my excitement, Tom Dunn sent me this picture of George and me climbing the first big hill out of Indio on the way to Blythe.

Though my miles taper off during the winter months, there are a few organized rides left this year. I have all the cold weather gear to keep me warm but I can not stand to ride in the cold. Below 70 degrees and it is hard for me to get on my bike. I know my friends will try to get me out on a cold weather ride and I hope to actually ride.


  1. Excellent to see that you are still planning to continue. Tucamcari, NM was one of my favoite rides. It was desert riding, but so much more.

    Hope everything is fine with your Mom and she gives the final approval.

    Check our Champ's blog. He has a link to a video he put together of the trip on You tube.

  2. Hey, that is exciting, something to look forward to through the winter months. And I agree with Ira - some of the best and most beautiful days were in NM going east from Santa Fe. Will you be going all the way or just to Champaign?