Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 15: My Pregnancy Progress

Hummmm.....  I am 52 days late and my fertility application say Saturday, May 24 is the day to test.  Once we started to try on April 1st,  it took me only 2 weeks to get pregnant.  This thirty-nine year ol' gal feels totally blessed and lucky. 

Week 5: Suddenly, I am not sure how to read even though three test confirm the same results.  
I need more proof like blood work and an ultra sound before I become a true believer. It turns our that I was and expecting mother on Mother's Day 2014.

 Week 6: I decided to start tracking my belly bump (above).

Week 10: We travel to North Carolina and I need comfortable clothes.  Do I really need maturity shorts yet?  Ugh, none of my bottoms button any more so I take the plunge with my first purchase. 

Week 13: A friend suggests that I take pictures wearing the same clothes to better track my progress.  

 Week 14: Most of my shirts are not covering my belly any more.  I have about a dozen shirts that still fit. 

Week 15: Woo Hoo- I can still see my feet!  I have gained 7 pounds and BabyBaby is the size of an apple. 

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