Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Coming to an End

Our summer vacations are 42 days and tomorrow da boyz will be going back to Houston.  They have been busy doing martial arts and have earned 10 stripes, with only 8 more to get to the next belt.  This was a huge mile stone for them; but also for me because I was promoted to "step-mom" and not just Barbie.  After three years of being called Barbie, I am okay with "step-mom" because it means the view that da boyz have on me in changing.  

We have also found out that BabyBaby is a BabyBoy.  Not just a BabyBoy but a healthy BabyBoy.  I am still in shock because I was totally sure BabyBaby was going to be a BabyGirl.  A week later, I am reminding myself that BabyBoy's are a mama's joy.  I have ruled out name's that start with the letter "J" but that is as far as I have gone.  

Joe and Kris's birthday (Kris is also in the above picture) is today and we will celebrate with a pizza party and a pool party, to follow, at my parents house.  Even though these boys are not technically mine, they are mine for right now.  I don't sleep when they have bad dreams or when thunder wakes them up. We wake each other up in the mornings and we spend our days together.  

I am going to miss being a stay at home Mom for the summer and now I go back to work to be a working mother for the rest of the summer. 

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