Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Progress

The summer is progressing with great strides.  We found our routine and a chore list so the days are flowing smoothly.

We have attended Vacation Bible School where I volunteered in the Arts and Crafts room.  There I was in charge of 13 teenagers (only one boy),  who lead the group activities- now that is some teenage drama.  

Da kidz practiced and synchronized their jumps.

They slid down water slides.

They swim at Grand-dad and Nina's pool for four to five hours at a time.

Last but not least, the boyz are learning martial arts. Here Joe is sporting his proudly earned white belt.

Jon is showing off the board he broke.  This is such a memorial day for the entire family because Jon acknowledged me as his "step-mother" for the first time- in front of the entire class, AND he earned his white belt, AND he broke a board.

In martial arts we are learning three main principles: 
1. Respect.  Respect for yourself, your parents, and all those around you.
2. Mind control.  You can control your thoughts and actions.
3. Speed

These are great lesson for da boyz and they are improving daily with their instructions. 

Wishing you a fun and safe rest of the summer. 

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