Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Divergent Trilogy

A friend from middle school, BJ (Yes, that is her real nick name.  It is short for Beverly Jane.),  is in a book club with her mother and she peaked my interest when she recommended The Divergent Trilogy.  She warned me that it involved a high school romance; but if a gal my age and her mother's book club enjoyed the read, then it was enough push for me to give it a read.

The collection details the make up of factions, or in our world, personality types.  You can be an intellect, a farmer, peace maker, truth teller, or adventure seeker. If you really get into each click, the book details throwing a party to entertain the different factions.
Tris, the main character, must choose which faction she will live with the rest of her adult life, even at the expense of leaving her blood family.  In Divergent, you learn about the choosing ceremony, initiation, and how each faction is different from the other.  
The first book, Divergent, sucked me into the trilogy.  I told myself I would only read the first book, but upon completion of book one, I purchased the entire collection (minus Four). 
Book two, Insurgent, has a lot going on and I often became lost in the multiple take overs and which faction was which.  
Allegiant, the third book, gives each of the characters a typical resolve.  The ending made me cry like the tooth fairy forgot to visit me and I hate to think of watching the movie with the same ending.  The thing about trilogies is that they are made to make the maximum profit out of the books and the movies.  I do not think I could bear to watch Allegiant turned into a movie. A few details from the movie Divergent were not as printed in the book (Isn't that always the case?)
Overall, I enjoyed imagining our country divided into factions versus the states that we are currently living in, where people think airplanes are a thing of the future. If you are into teen age love stories with future age fiction, then this trilogy is for you.

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