Thursday, August 28, 2014

Manhood: How to Be a Better Man-Or Just Live with One

I once read that biographies are good books to read because if you want to be successful, read how other people have become successful. 
Another reason I read this book was because Mr. Crews was a guest on the Chelsey Lately show.  Not quite sure who he was, I kept watching because all they spoke about was his addiction to porn and how he overcame his addiction and continues to be a loving husband, father, as well as a thriving actor. 
You may recognize Mr. Crews from commercials where he portrayed the comical and muscular man, yelling about Old Spice.  You may also recognize him from The Expendables. As I read his book, I quickly realized how he is so much more.  He played college football, NFL football, and started doing television acting. 
What I love about Terry is his persistence.  He did not come from much, but with his perseverance he continued with his dream- at all costs. And folks, that is what made him successful. How can we not learn from that.

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