Monday, August 25, 2014

Long Mile Home

The Long Mile Home is written by Boston Globe writers Scott Helman and Jenna Russell and was published on the one year anniversary after the bombing of the Boston Marathon. The book follows the lives of five individuals, to include the bombers and their family, to give the reader an overall image of all those involved and affected by the bombing.  
As an athlete myself, I appreciated reading about the surgeon who ran the marathon and who was looking forward to a hearty meal for replenishment, but only had a banana to last him through the entire day and into the early morning hours of multiple amputee surgeries. 
As a spectator of many San Antonio Marathons, I know how family and friends anticipate the arrival of their loved ones to cross the finish line; and  the tragedy of being involved in the loss of a limb- just because you wanted to get a better view of your loved one while she ran her first marathon. 
The writers included many details from countless interviews, media, and law enforcement to ensure a complete and accurate account of the days leading up to and after the bombing.  As each character is introduced, you almost become that person and can feel that emotion coming through the book.

The book covers a sad circumstances; but I enjoyed learning more about the race and what goes on behind the scenes, more than I ever knew. 

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