Friday, August 29, 2014

The Wine Box

Since I have no soap box to stand on, I will stand on my wine boxes.

I am tired of society, to include my neighbors, strangers, and the media telling me what to do and how to do it.  So tired, in fact, I yelled in my sleep, “Go Fu*k  Y0ur$elf”.  Me and da mister laugh about it because somehow, in a deep sleep, I was able to get the words out clearly and loud enough to wake him from his sleep.

It all started when I was watching a news segment about a man who evaded a car crash by getting out of his car and running to a nearby house.  The lady at the house shot at the man, not once but four times, as if to stay, “Don’t even think about trying to break into my home and interrupt my time with my daughter.”  All I have to say is, girlfriend I like your style.

Over the summer, I was riding my bike in the neighborhood and Roxy was running along with me- the kicker is Roxy was not on a leash.  Truth be told, I do not always keep her on a leash because she loves to run and I cannot always keep up with her.  

She is super friendly. When she was a pup, I socialized her at the local doggie park.  The thing I have noticed is that it does not matter how my dog reacts, it’s about how people around her react.  The other thing is people who are afraid of dogs, want all dogs on leashes.  My thought is that if you run her over with your car or bike, it is my bad.  All of the time, Roxy sprints out of the way and there is never a collision.

On this particular day, there was a doe and her fawn hanging out at the corner house.  Roxy’s first reaction was to play with the fawn; after all, it was just her size.  The doe was not having it, and nor were the neighbors.   At a glance, it looked like Roxy was attacking the fawn.   I was afraid the doe was going to attach me and my pregnant self, so I was trying to also keep a safe distance.

This is where the yelling and the threats to call the police started. This is also where I wanted to say, “Go Fu*k  Y0ur$elf and mind your own business”. Instead, I dutifully picked up my dog and we walked home peacefully. 

Too many times, I defend my dog. People freak out when they see me running her, on a leash, running next to my bike.  They want to make sure she is rested and has plenty of water.  What on-lookers do not see is that she is very well taken care of.  She is given plenty of food and water.  Roxy gets regular vet visits and is groomed more often than a dog probably should be. 

People do not understand that she is a jack Russell terrier and she needs exercise or she gets bored.  She wakes me up at 5AM to play and requires constant stimulus to keep her entertained.  Too many times, I engage in seemingly friendly conversations to defend my actions, but I am sick of it.  Next time I will kindly say, “Go Fu*k  Y0ur$elf”.  

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