Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Month 5 Update

What is one to do when the doctor says, stay off your bike for nine months. 

She keeps her feet closer to the ground and reduces rides to a mile at a time, only to keep Roxy exercised, of course.

What does one do when she is used to the endorphin's of running.  
She runs until she feels dizzy and her doctor tells her to slow down because there will be a time when she does not feel good enough to work out.

What does one do when prenatal yoga is not as intense as the five year hot yoga practice she is use to.  

She swims a mile a day.

What does one do when the dreaded day of not feeling good enough to work out comes along. 

She sits around and feels sad. 

I wish I had considered this before because I never believed the day would happen.  But, it has. 

As I look through my NOOK, I have discovered that I have read nine books over the summer and have started eight books that need to be finished. This blog has always been about my bike rides and now that my bike rides have become non existent, it feels like I have lost my words and I ponder what I will write about next.  Like my fellow blogger, Mike K, he writes book and movie reviews. I may resort to reviewing books and movies, since that is all I am up for these days.


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