Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Mama Wants, Mama Gets!

One of the fun things about my mom’s illness is that my father is lavishing her with everything and anything she wants. We all know that we have limited time with my Mom and it has been awesome to live in the moment and live for the day.

The newest gift is Lucy, a Yorkshire terrier. Mom has been wanting this breed for as long as I can remember. She is a light feather weight, weighing in at almost two pounds and expected to grow up to four pounds. In a playful way, Roxy pounces on her so I have to watch them closely so that Lucy does not end up smooched.

Thank you for the overflow of kind gestures. More than anything, I need normalcy. Keep doing the things you did before and keep me busy. On the days that I look tired, it is because I probably am. If my eyes glaze over when you are talking to me, just keep talking, I will snap out of it. Please do not whisper the word “cancer” or be afraid to say the wrong thing, just be normal.

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