Thursday, August 20, 2009

Knee Pain

At a time when riding would heal me the most, I have to cut my training miles back (although I am not actually training). Constant knee pain for the past two to three months with consistent Advil and icing drove me to the doctor. It turns out that the tendon that connects my hamstring and knee is inflamed from over use. Really? Have could that be? Eight to hundred mile weeks with multiple adjustments to my seat and seat height have finally caused my body to halt.

This week has been dragging as I realize how much time I actually spend riding or preparing to ride. All I have is time. The minutes feel like hours, as we wait for word from the doctors. And, the waiting continues. We do not expect any news for another week.

Physical therapy starts on Monday, for one month, three times a week. They will poke and massage my knee. I expect that it will only cause further irritation. Luckily, I can still walk, run, and dance with no pain. My house is getting extra attention. The pile of books to be read is steadily decreasing. Not patiently waiting, I am trying to patiently wait.

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