Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two More Days

She did it purposefully. After the doctors did not call, Mom did not call the doctors for a follow-up. It is her way of stalling for the truth. I do not blame her. I probably would have done the same. It is two more days of believing she is cancer free and a relief not sitting by the phone waiting for “the call”.

It has been nineteen years since she had pancreatic cancer. She is a walking miracle to have survived. Now, on the national liver transplant list and waiting another prognosis, she is quite the fighter. Trying to be positive is difficult. Yesterday morning, over the phone, I heard tears in her voice but she never lead on that she was crying. All we can do is live and be in the moment. That is how we are getting by.

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  1. Barb...Just to let you know you and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers. And don't forget to get on the bike - it's good therapy and you need to take care of you too.