Monday, August 24, 2009


That delicate curved pink ribbon has turn into a symbol of destruction that has begun to deteriorate my mother’s body. You can do one of two things: let the power of the caner over take you or take control of the cancer and have power over it. I have chosen the later.

The initial shock of the diagnosis has worn off but the sadness lingers from time to time. There was a time when I thought people should be in pain just because I was in pain. Now, I know that people’s lives continue even when my world seems to have collapsed. I try to remain positive and hopeful but worry creeps in. Under the circumstances, I do not want to be down and want to continue as normal a life as possible.

I am being selfish I know, but I want my mom to fight as much as she can so she can be around when I have my children. There is something about my mother’s love that gives me comfort. Even in my thirties, Mom still comes to see me when I am sick and brings me soup. We are all accepting that mom does not have much fight left in her and fear the worst. If any, treatment will be determined tomorrow.

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