Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As my third week of physical therapy approaches, my bike sits on the trainer teasing me. It is torture. It screams at me when I pass, “Come take me out for a ride, push my pedals and get me out of this dark room!”

It has been two straight weeks of not riding. The easy push of a stationary bike is dull compared to the hard push of a commute. The screams from my bike tempt me. I avoid the living room to avoid the whispers and screams. Yes, I know I need to give my knee ample time to heal so I stay away.

To not dwell on it, I have started going to the public library. Checking out five books at a time, somehow reading three books at once, and listening to a book CD in my car, it keeps my mind busy. These days any distraction is a welcomed.

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