Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing Chase

While sitting on my back porch, eating my dinner, the entertainment was watching Roxy chase birds. Every time I want the birds the win because I do not want another bird carcass and bird feathers in my kitchen. The birds taunt her by flying back and forth on the fence line, sometimes landing low enough for Roxy to attempt a running leap at them.

Playing chase is fun to watch and fun to participate in. Watching Roxy chase birds reminds me of when I play chase on my bike. There is a stretch of Evans Road that once you cross the tracks, everyone rides as hard as they can until we reach Nacogdoches Road. No one ever says, “Race you” or “Tag you’re it”, but it is an exhilarating feeling to start pedaling as fast as you can to chase the person in front of you.

There is a simple innocence in the chase that brings back memories of my childhood. Running around the neighborhood and looking for fireflies are some of my fondest memories. To know now that fireflies are dwindling in numbers makes me feel bad for smearing the glow in the dark gel over my cloths.

We chase successfully career. We chase love. We chase health and happiness. Isn’t that what life is about, the chase.


  1. Lovely post Barbie!

    We need to catch up! First off, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I always thought of her as a strong woman. Amazing that she beat Cancer before. Secondly, what have you been up to these past years? You can see what I've been up to...making babies! Thirdly, you asked about my curls a while back...I chopped em' off only to find that when my hair is short it is straight. I'm growing it back out as we speak.


  2. Barbie - I love your posts, you always make me think and sometimes see things a little differently. I have always thought memories of childhood to be a good thing - keeps us in the moment, helps us to look at life as the grand adventure it should be (like a cross-country bike ride?). And I hope your mom and you can follow that doctor's advice and squeeze every bit of goodness out of all the days to come.

  3. Barbie,

    When racing someone, don't get in front, whatever you do. Stay on their wheel until the very end and then sprint past them. It works 95% of the time.

    Just a note from a Type A personablity.
    xxo Jim