Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yoga Card

I am addicted to yoga and I love hot yoga. If you are wondering what hot yoga is, it is yoga, but in a hot room. I practice reverse Namaste while waiting in line at the movie theater. I balance on my head, in the middle of the park. I keep a yoga mat at work, one at home, and one in Carrizo.

For me, yoga started back in 2009 when I injured my knee. I was forced off my bike to allow for recovery time. I hated not being able to train. It was even more depressing as the cross country ride was approaching and I was not able to get training miles in. But, I still went to yoga. I hated it, but I still went. When I did not want to go to yoga, I would walk out of class before final relaxation.

Then, I met Connie Lozano, my yoga instructor. She showed me how to love yoga and introduced me to hot yoga.

This may look like a card with circles and numbers on it, but it is much more than that to me. This is my first yoga card from when I started hot yoga classes. It lists the dates I went to the studio and practiced in triple digit heat. It symbolizes my growth and progress though my yoga practice. It reminds me of my personal struggles and how I have fought to overcome my pain.

Every body’s yoga journey is different. Mine has physically relaxed my stiff cycling hips and spiritually helped my soul recover from the loss of my mother. Four years later, my poses are far from the full execution. There is much more to yoga that I do not know or fully understand. I do know it stretches my muscles and relaxes me. Overall, it makes me feel better.

I yoga. I breathe. Namaste.

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