Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Race Weekend

This weekend was Tour de New Braunfels with races on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, we planned it such that I rode to the start of the race and the mister drove. Then I watched his race and then we drove back together followed by massages and pasta dinner. In short, the mister SAGed me. I SAGed the mister, and then we SAGed each other.

It is only that I ride that I can enjoy the excitement of racing. Basically, I sit around for an hour or two to watch the pack ride by for 1 second. If the race is long enough to where there is a feed zone, I do the above while holding water bottles.

I am super proud that Mr. ICU has entered the racing scene and is having fun with the experience. To show my support , I decided that Team Ricky needed a Garmin 5 Series and bestowed his Valentine's Day gift early- in time for race weekend. While at the bike shop getting the Garmin installed, he decided to order me a new bike verses getting a replacement cassette for my old worn one. Imagine my surprise when I discovered my new bike cost more than our wedding.

Once again, the mister has rocked my world and I am as happy as a cranberry merchant is on Thanksgiving Day.

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