Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Builder

This is the post where I would be talking in a high pitch voice and telling you how awesome I think the mister is.  He impresses me and I thinking he is amazing.
To hear him talk about the work he did after his father passed away, is jaw dropping.  We both come from working class families and we both had to work to put ourselves through college.   My life was pretty charmed and I sat behind an air conditioned desk while he was doing manual labor.
When he said he was building a building, I was like oaky, do what you gotta do. Then he started coming home late and calling after the sun went down.  Even on his birthday, he was happy to be working late, at his "second job".  So, I did what any inquiring girl would do and I went to check it out for myself. 
He is literally building a building. NOT having a building built, but building a building. Each day there is progress to the structure and the best part is I can tell the mister is enjoying himself- he has a smile to prove it.   

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