Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break, 2013

Spring went forward and we traveled through two time zones.  For five days, we did not know what time it was, nor did we care.  We traveled our Texas booties over to Puerto Rico and drank fruit smoothies with every meal. This picutre is proof that I acted like a college girl.  I wore a bikini and had boyz hugging me all week- in true Spring Break style.

Our days were filled with a water park, the beach, hanging out at the pool and kayaking.  The best part was eating at The Iguana Café where iguanas stood around the tables waiting for food to drop.  The waiter spotted me standing on a chair and reminded me that iguanas are vegetarians and would not eat my finger.  We spotted an iguana running really fast, but his fast was not really that fast.  It was more cute than fast.
We are back home and back to a quiet house, where I am nursing my sunburned skin. April is a month a way but it can not come fast enough.

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