Monday, April 2, 2012

Me Again

A lady in the locker room told me, “You should be a movie star because you look gorgeous.” She stood in her underwear, and I with my fresh sprayed, big Texas hair sprayed hair, gave her a hug. When someone gives you a compliment like that, what else do you do?

It was an unexpected day. I was sleepy from the restless night before and dehydrated from being sick for two days. Yes, sick. Throwing up and fever kind of sick. I knew I was in bad shape when I noticed crusted throw-up on my shirt and did not change. Maybe I changed before I went to sleep. Most likely, I did not. Really, I do not remember. It was all a blur. All my abdominal muscles were sore from throwing-up.

Then I proceeded to go on a twenty-two mile bike ride, up a few steep climbs. Afterward, I drank a few beers. My legs did not mind the hills, the view at the top, or the ride down.

They told me it would happen. Wired from the Komodo dragon coffee, I realized I was joking with my co-workers, listening to music, and dancing. The day marked the day that I felt like me again. I feel stronger, rooted, and more capable of handling the emotional games.

There is still a part of me that is sad from what I lost, what I gave up, and how I drastically I changed my life around. Today, I am happy and laughing again. You know, laughing a real laugh, laughing from my gut. I am me again.

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