Monday, April 30, 2012

Fiesta Finale

In true fiesta spirit, my birthday was a total whirlwind and one I will never forget. Of course there was Melvis (The Mexican Elvis) at the Market Square.
Missy and I worked the churros booth, in search of some chulos (cuties in Spanish). Note to self: It is a churros booth not a kissing booth.
Barbie’s boy band made an appearance to honor her birthday. You know those famous ex-boyfriends? Roger, Robert, Roy, and Ricky. I know?! This will be the subject of another blog at a later time.

Security was almost called to check on me because I did not answer my phone all Thursday morning. In case you haven’t figured it out, I had a hangover to sleep off.

Don’t think that all I did was indulge during Fiesta. I did manage to squeeze in a hundred mile bike ride week and a 2.6 mile run to lead off the Fiesta Fandango parade. Wendy and I were puttin' on the Ritz, running down Broadway.
Last but certainly not least, and the highlight to my birthday, is dinner with my family. It is tradition. We gather for BBQ and cake. That has to be the happiest time for me. Also, I unveiled the hat I will be wearing to Dad and Lydia's wedding.

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