Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Life has been good. Really, kind of amazing. I ride my bike, practice yoga, and hang out with my friends and family. Life has been quite wonderful. It sounds too perfect to be true, but I am in good place.

In the evenings, I sit on the back porch and watch Roxy chase birds; while I admire my growing garden. As a gift to myself, I bought bulbs and planted them knowing that in a few months; I would have a spectacular show of flowers. To my amazement, Roxy did not dig up the bulbs. Each day there is a slight change; the stalks are taller, and buds are starting to appear. Soon I will have full blossoms.

Life is what happens in the mean time. In the mean time, I have been soul searching, reading a few books, and reflecting on the past. In the mean time, I dream of doing more because I can do anything- I rode my bike across America.

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