Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Vow

It is hard to forget my birthday, ten years ago. I tried to wake him so we could go celebrate. He said to give him another hour of sleep. The next hour, he said the same thing. This went on three or four times. Then afternoon time came and he told me to go without him and he would meet me.

It was April 26th, ten years ago; I vowed to not spend another birthday by myself. I was tired of spending my life alone and told myself I did not want to spend another birthday wishing any longer.

First, I know what you are thinking. I look the same as I did ten years ago and I am still living it up at Fiesta. It is Fiesta AND my birthday! I am totally convinced that San Antonio gets together to celebrate my birthday.

As any husband in the dog house does, in grand gesture, he arrived with a peace offering. He walked up with a birthday cake and started singing, “Happy Birthday” in the middle of NIOSA. All of San Antonio, who gathered in La Villita, joined in.

He did make up for the all-day-hangover. Even though I was surrounded by a village full of friends, I knew in my heart that I was not going to do another birthday feeling alone.

Do not fret my dear readers, I blog this only to tell you that I feel good about my decision. It took this long to finally laugh about the crazyness of that relationship. Ten years later, I look back and realize, I have to make hard decision to make it easier for the future. The sooner I make the hard choices the sooner life will be better.

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