Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LBJ 100, 2012

This past Saturday was the 5th annual LBJ bike tour. This is the fourth year I have ridden and the first I have taken advantage of the tour, concluding the ride, lead by Luci Banes Johnson. Luci gives great insight to the Texas White house and her personal stories add such a genuine touch to the ranch. I have to admit that this part of the ride is the highlight, although the BBQ lunch and beer is a close second.

As the name implies, I hit the rubber to road with the intensions of the 62 mile route. (For you non-bike riders out there, that is a metric century.) Without the stress of getting miles under my belt, I have become more leisure in my rides and I have taken pressure off myself.

The sun was forecasted for the day; however mist covered the morning air. A fellow cyclist, Marque, swore to me that it was not raining. So, we kept riding. Eventually, the sun came out later that afternoon.

Dear Marque: Thank you for not letting me quite riding due to the mist. But, mist is considered light rain. If you are reading this and you are still beating yourself up over the broken spoke, start caring extra spokes in your bike frame. Remember, you cannot ride a road bike with a broken spoke. And, if you are still beating yourself up… Really, it was not a big deal that I only rode 40 miles versus the planned 62. I was quite content chatting it up in the SAG. You certainly do not look upset, standing on the side of the rode- with a broken spoke.

Nolan, the ride organizer, does such a great job of putting this ride together. I especially love that there is someone placed at each turn ensuring riders do not miss the route. Count me in for next year!

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  1. Good to see you still riding and wishing you luck in finding Love.