Friday, March 16, 2012

The Plunge

There is a trip I have wanted to do and the dilemma has been, with whom. I have been thinking on it and decided I needed to grab the bull by the horns. I could spend months or years finding someone to travel with or I could take the plunge as a solo traveler. I figured that if I could ride my bike across America with a group a strangers that became my friend, then I could white water raft with a group of strangers.

The trip entails being helicoptered into the Grand Canyon, three days of white water rafting in the morning, hiking in the afternoon, and camping under the stars. Longer trips are offered but I think three days is all I can handle. It is not the fear of heights, white water rafting, or sleeping in a tent that scares me; it is not having a shower that dwells in contemplation.

It sounds absolutely peaceful to fall asleep under the stars and to wake by the moon. It must be completely majestic to be surrounded by the spender of something so grand. But let’s face it; no internet and no shower?! It must be the idea of primitive living that attracts me to the adventure of this journey. Yikes! What did I get myself into?!


  1. Sounds like a blast. I say go for it and just do it for you.

  2. Evacuation insurance is included in the price. Let's just hope that the only helicopter ride will be the voluntary one on the way in.