Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CrossRoads Fredericksburg Ride, 2012

While riding across America, I am blessed to have met three groups of riders- and each will be friends for life. Every March, Jim Olson gathers up COBRA riders from Colorado and CrossRoads riders for a week of riding in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Fredericksburg is the Texas Hill Country with lots of back country roads. This year I joined the group for three days of bike riding, hiking, eating, and napping. When retirement time approaches, I will have perfected the art. Cold, windy, and rainy weather provided a perfect opportunity for rest, riding, and visiting with old and new friends.

Some highlights of the trip include sitting on top of Enchanted Rock.

Carrying Jan and Mike’s bike across the low water crossing. (I felt like such a super hero.)

Watching worms gather, dry, and then fall off my bike.

Not captured in photographs: is two donkey’s mating and a rider consuming four bagels, one cliff bar, and a gel to fuel up for a thirty mile bike ride.

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