Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Booty Shaking

There is something about closing down a bar and going to bed while others are waking up that puts a hop back in my step.

As I excused myself this guy growled at me and said, “Sure baby girl I will move out of your way.” And then, while Robert stepped away, six different guys asked me to dance. Yessssss…. I still got it. This normally doesn’t happen to me but I had it goin’ on Saturday night and loved every minute of it!

Robert and I drove around all weekend running errands and enjoying the weather on the scooter. If you ever watched “The Cosby Show”, Bill Cosby would dance with his wife while sitting down. There was an episode where Bill had a cast on his foot so they danced sitting down, on the couch, cheek to cheek. This is what Robert and I do. We dance with each other when we are in the car or on the scooter. Since we are in our own seats, we don’t to the cheek to cheek thing and just freestyle some salsa moves. Sometimes a good song comes on and a dance breaks out.

Mama always tells me that I am the happiest when I am out dancing. She is right. It is the music and shaking my tail feathers that makes my heart smile.

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