Sunday, November 1, 2015

What it takes to be a Mom

This past week was the fifth year anniversary of my mother passing away. I miss her daily and remember what an amazing women she was.  As I struggle with the daily chores of being a mother, I recall all that Mom did and I wonder how she managed it all.  She went to nursing school, worked full time, volunteered at our PTA, was our Girl Scout Leader, organized employee picnics, played softball, and sold Mary Kay cosmetics.  There are days when I struggle just to brush my teeth and get myself dressed much less do homework with da boyz and cook dinner. Every day I am reminded how strong and determined Mom was. She is my roll model and is exactly like the mother I want to be to my children. 

What is a mother?  In the narrow sense of the word it comes down to caring for your children's success and guiding them and showing them how to become independent individuals. But it is much more than that.  It is never giving up, having patients, and caring enough to parent your child- even on the days when your patients runs out. 

Joe caught me off guard and said, "Mommie take our picture".  I'm not sure at what point he felt comfortable enough to call me Mommie but it is a moment that I have hoped for but never expected. It has not happened since but it is always a moment to capture. 

I love seeing the big boys play with Nate.  They carry him all over the house and Nate loves all the big brother attention.  

With our growing house of boys, I hope to make my mother proud as I work on being the mom that my mother was to me. 

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