Thursday, October 22, 2015

9 Months

Every month I vow to post more frequently than once a month. Here we are again, one month later, with no other post to show for.  Maybe this month will be better now that my nine month old is teething and crawling.

We have tried two Mother's Day Out programs- and both did not work for us.  We have tried three different nannies.  Our current Nannie is going on six weeks and it seems like we are all getting used to each other and things are working.  She truly is heaven sent and provides a faithful presence in our home. Maybe now I can find extra time to blog or I may just nap my extra time away.

The older boys are settling in and Nate really looks up to them.   He is always curious to see what the big boys are doing and wants to be around them.  I enjoy watching him crawl to the bottom step and stare up to staircase to get a glimpse of what his brothers are doing.  So far, they have been patient and kind with the little one. I have even caught myself saying, "Bring your little brother back down stairs!" They are pretty good at carrying him around and introducing him to boy stuff- for now anyway. 

Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be a stay-at-home mom. I I always thought I would be a working mom.  That is not to say that stay-at-home mom's do not work.  We work and it is never easy.  I joke and say that we need one more Nannie so that each kid has an adult to work with. (I still can't figure out why da mister said h-e-double-hockey sticks NO to that one.) With the help of extra hands, we manage a fussy baby, 4th grade homework, 6th grade homework, dinner, and clean up time.  It is not always smooth between tutoring and teacher calls, but things are working and we are transitioning into our new rolls.  

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