Monday, November 16, 2015


Recently I was challenged with selfies and taking the perfect picture.  I know I do it and I am sure you do it too.  We take a picture over and over and in different poses to find the one we like.  Then we spend another thirty minutes going through the all the pictures to find the best one to post on social media.  We only want to post the best picture of our self for the world to see.

It surprised me to read the comments on my FaceBook about this picture because in general they said, "You look so beautiful," but what I was feeling was so different.  

This day was October 31, 2015- Nathaniel's first Halloween. We also decided to have a gender reveal party to announce the sex of our new baby.  Let me lay my day down for you.  

I have a nine month old teething baby, I am not sleeping through the night and get two hours of sleep at a time, 10 AM appointment, 1 PM party, skip nap time due to late arrivals to the party, sneak in late lunch early dinner, get to the pumpkin patch one hour before closing, and I am 14 weeks pregnant. Through all that, I finally relaxed in a safe place with my baby.  I remember thinking, Wow, I finally get to sit down. I am happy to capture the joy of this moment with my baby boy. Okay, let me sit him on my lap to hide my baby bump and take a picture. 

I wish I could have a picture of me and Nate smiling but this was the best we could do. We made it and I have my cherished picture of Nathaniel in his blue M&M costume surrounded by pumpkins for his first Halloween. You may see only my smile and baby, but for me I remember every detail of the day.  Rushed, tired, and joyful are all things that I will remember when I see this picture.  


  1. Very nice picture you look very happy with your baby boy.

  2. Very nice picture you look very happy with your baby boy.