Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Highlights

It is simple.  All I want is a clean bathroom, one that does not have pee on the seat or on the floor.  It took some doing, but after a couple of weeks, I was able to get a bathroom all to myself.  No wet towels on the floor and a dry toilet seat- with the lid down.  Yes, this is coming from a person who has taken a shower in a barn, with a water hose and used the road as a toilet.
This summer, da boyz have taught me a new level of patience and I have learned a few things about myself.  There have been times when I totally lost it and had to apologize for my behavior.  There are other times when I become reflective and thankful because we are finally having a sit down family dinner.
A few highlights are:
1.  I do not want a yelling house.  If I am going to teach da boyz not to yell, I cannot yell either.  Do you realize how hard this really is?!
2.  If you tell me your going to call the cops, then I will offer to save you a call and I will call the cops for you.
3.  JD melts my heart when he says, “Even though it’s not Mother’s day, and I know you are sick, so me and dad will make you breakfast in bed.”
4.  Joe cracks me up when I ask him to brush his teeth and shower, and when I go up to check on him, he is wearing only a pair of black socks, dancing, and brushing his teeth.
5.  Watching and enjoying all 22 episode of season 3 “Glee” because my teen age niece wants to pay her respects.  I love her colorful hair choices and her gold booger. What can I say, she makes me feel young.
Da mister has been wonderful with helping me figure out a hot yoga night, bike to work commutes, and long bike rides on the weekend. It is complete paradise at my house.  

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