Sunday, June 9, 2013

Super Beautiful

So many things have happened these last couple weeks and I do not know where to start.
By the way I am acting, you would think it is the first niece I have and the first time I have become an aunt; but now I have another niece and she is super beautiful and tremendously precious.  We had a scheduled C-section, which fit perfectly in my schedule, but Jesyka Grace came nine days early.  I say “we” because I was the back up in case Daddy passed out in the delivery room.
The most touching moment was seeing my father hold his tiny grand daughter, minutes after her birth.  Later he shared with me that he thought she was ugly but then he thought she was cute.
The mister and I hosted our family to celebrate my father birthday.  It is a pleasure to have our home filled with the buzz of guests and serve a traditional Mexican dinner. As per my father’s request, he wanted enchiladas made like my mom would have made them.
And… school is over which means that we now have da boyz FULL TIME over the summer.  It is definitely a change in Barbie’s world but I already know I am going to love every minute of it... while pulling out all my grey hair.



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